Friday, 6 August 2010

Bare Breeeeeze begins.

What on earth is this blog about? i hear you ask.

 As one half of the advertising creative powerhouse that is Jo and Loren, I'v created this blog to save Loren at least a few hours of pointless, annoying ramblings a day. For the sake of our friendship, for the sake of our partnership but mostly for her sanity, iv decided to offload onto the world wide web. You lucky bas*ards.

Follow my breeze babblings on advertising, design and general random crap, as my posts promise to intruige, amuse, confuse, disgust and in some cases question your own sexuality...

i jest, you probably wont be amused.

But what the frig tits is 'Bare breeze?'

Urban dictionary describes it as -

conversation without any relevance
'you chat bare breeze blud '
In standard english; your talking rubbish
Dya get me?


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