Tuesday, 28 September 2010

not too smelly


I was very surprised to see 'Smell' from This is England in real life!  The neighbours and i got to chatting last night about what she would lokolike in real life, we all came to the conclusion that there wouldnt be much hope for her as she is pretty grim in costume. However! I stumbled upon this picture (ok i went routing for it as it was really annoying me)  and here she is!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Trumpet blowin

Take the polo quiz to see if you are a sucker or cruncher, then pledge your allegiance to your team!! This is the firt of our digital work to go live. http://www.facebook.com/polosuckers?v=app_144820115540393&ref=ts


'We are like dead loud and like dead bubbly'
'We are with each other 24/7 and i spent all week at her house, how cool is that?'


This is a really funny ad for the buzz magazine. Louie Spence and Kieth Lemon - too funny. George Lambe - too fit

Goin bezerk for honey

I love the bit where he bursts out the wardrobe! This had me cryin' laughing last night when my friend said it reminded him of his girlfriend after she has a few too many glasses of wine. hahahahahaaa. I love it.

Check out the out takes on the website too. Too funny man.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Original Human PAC-MAN Performance by Guillaume Reymond

As if this only took 4 hours!! Im definitely rounding up the crew this weekend to try this but in Nokia snake form circa 1990.Yes mate.

Puddy cats

I prefer puppies and  have never been to ikea in my life but im getting a catalogue delivered tomorrow to buy stuff for my already furnished flat. Too cute.

funny but shouldnt be...

Women are like dog poo... the older they get the easier they are to pick up.

Tip ex ad

This ad is genius! so random. Kiss the bear is my favourite, when the hunter tries to spray breath freshner in the bears mouth. bahahahaaaaaaaa.

Vinegar stroke???

Did anyone else not have a clue in last nights 'This is England 83' when Gadget was offered a 'Vinegar stroke' ??? I consider myself in the know when it comes to disgusting phrases but this had me stuck. So to relieve the confusion...

1.Vinegar Stroke

The point during sexual intercourse where a man is irreversibly about to blow his load. The very worst time to have to cease coitus in an emergency.
Shit! I was on the vinegar stroke when Julie's dad burst through the door.
2.Vinegar stroke

The facial expression during sex that coincides with the last thrust before coming.
Imagine the contorted 'fuck face' being pulled by the male as hes about to come, and compare to the wincing one would experience when sucking a lemon, or tasting vinegar. Hence, the vinegar stroke.
Ah man, I was banging this chick, and I was up to the vinegar stroke when my phone rang. Ruined the moment.
3.Vinegar Stroke

The arrival of pre-cum when having a sherman.
When answering the phone for example
"Bloody Hell that was bad timing I was just on the vinegar stroke !"
Now you can all sleep.